PortraitThe beginning

So… how to start? I was first amazed by yoga when I saw my very first teacher demoing a cleansing technique called nauli. I hadn’t even been hooked by my first session yet. That was last millennium, back in 1999, on my last high school year. Before I blinked my eyes I knew that yoga and I were gonna be walking hand in hand for this lifetime.

Teaching path

Three-ish years later I had finished my teacher training and couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Fast forward: I start co-teaching the very teacher training I took, co-manage the yoga studio, perform artistic asana internationally and next thing you know I am known by all my friends as being that yoga guy. A trip to explore India and pursue my Advanced Teacher Training Course through Kaivalyadhama Institute and another to Montreal to get certified as an AcroYoga instructor were pleasant chapters of that story.



These 12+ years of teaching background have blessed me with the opportunity to experience teaching mind-body connection in several different scenarios: coach athletes in their pre-race preparation, work one-on-one with targeting a specific clients’ goals, transform yogis into competent and confident instructors, lead large groups in kirtans, workshops and retreats internationally, as well as aide companies to manage their employee’s stress levels.


Having moved to Northern California in mid 2013, I am thrilled to live a new beginning in my yogic and teaching journey. In regards to my personal practice, moving from tropical Rio de Janeiro to the temperate weather of NorCal has challenged my adaptability and discipline. My sadhana (personal practice & inquiry) has been focused on trying to apply the ancient hatha yogic and ayurvedic knowledge I have been sipping from my mentor Claudio Fernandez. The pursuit of my Pilates certification under his mentorship has particularly deepened my skills in movement anatomy and breath work.

Current projects

As far as professional life is concerned, I am so grateful to see the doors opening! This unfolds as I feel more grounded here and as my friendships and connections are deepened with such amazing people who cross my path. I am honoured to be offering more group, private and semi-private classes on a regular basis. Excited to have a few workshops and a teacher training in the making, and to be and help build a beautiful acroyoga community in the county. Last but not least, I am enthusiastic about the online platform I am developing to coach yogis through their sadhana. I hope to hear from you or see you on the mat!


What people are saying:

I’ve taken hundreds of yoga classes in many different cities, all over the world, and João is one of my favorite teachers. His skill as a yoga teacher goes beyond my expectations from a very good teacher. After only one class, the rest of my practice changed for the better. João’s voice stayed in my head giving positive reminders. It stayed because the way he talks is unique, surprising, and there is a strong intelligence of yoga behind his words. Joao taught me not only about yoga, but about making a habit.
Courtney Neal  |  Zürich, Switzerland

João shedding some light on breath and movement coordination